One step forward, two steps back

I had to take the bus today. I enjoy bus rides, because it means I can spend time reading. Today, I brought Circle of Stones by Anna Lee Waldo. I made it about 3 pages in and already knew it just wasn’t going to happen.

Shania Twain No Thanks

One of the most important parts of a good book, for me, is the language – and Waldo makes a real effort to make the language sound authentic to medieval Wales, without actually making it medieval Welsh. There were a lot of “I be fine”s and “nay, lassie”s. I prefer when writers don’t try to force the language, it takes me right out of the story.

I used to try and force myself to finish a book – after all, I spent money on it ($2 at a garage sale in this instance), and gave it space in my home, I owed it to myself to finish it! Eventually it just became too much of an effort though, and now I let myself give up on books. It’s okay!

So hey, that’s one book knocked off my list, well done, right? Not so fast! The bus ride was to take myself to my mother-in-law’s, where I have been helping her organize her basement storage room. A large part of that is helping her go through boxes of books, and today I brought two home. So, I may have knocked one title off my list, but I also added two!

Exasperated Merida

It’s an ongoing battle.


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