Another singular book haul

I seem to have a habit of buying one book at a time.

My shipment arrived from Chapters-Indigo today. Quite speedy, as it was sent out yesterday! Four of the books are for my partners in the Ninja Bookswap.

The fifth book is Letters from Skye by Jessica Brockmole. From Goodreads: A sweeping story told in letters, spanning two continents and two world wars, Jessica Brockmole’s atmospheric debut novel captures the indelible ways that people fall in love, and celebrates the power of the written word to stir the heart.I love love love epistolary novels and I’ve recently enjoyed a number of books that take place during World War I, so when I saw this for $5, I couldn’t resist.


Isn’t the cover evocative? I love how the font of the title reflects an addressed letter with the swirls and lines seeming like a post office stamp.

Speaking of the Ninja Bookswap, I now have my two parcels packed up and ready to be shipped tomorrow. I am super excited about this, and not just because it means people are sending me books! *grabby hands* It’s also what motivated me to really make an effort with this blog – the book blogging community is just so widespread and interesting and welcoming and I want to be as much a part of it as I can in my own way!

I Tried


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