Placement, week one

This isn’t so much a real post as it is me spewing some of the highlights of my first week of placement, which has me interning at a local public library!

– A woman told me I was wonderful for helping her find her books on the hold shelf, as she’d had eye surgery and couldn’t see very well. Not sure how she’s going to read those books!
– I helped a woman sign in to Gmail and showed her how to scroll using the arrow keys. She was fascinated.
– I pulled books for a display on becoming a writer. I basically chose books I would want to read myself in the event that I ever fully form the novel in my head.
РI threw a pile of discarded mystery novels into a giant recycling bin. The other librarians were remarkably blas̩ about it. They say one gets used to it, but how can that be?!
– I helped a friend of my godmother-in-law find some of my godmother-in-law’s books of poetry in the stacks.
– I did Reader’s Advisory for a young man (10th gradish?) who had just finished reading some “Herman Hessey” and wanted some other philisophical lit of a similar bent. I recommended Bulgakov, Borges, and Viktor Frankl for a non-fiction approach.
– I showed someone how to use the old-style self-checkout kiosks.

I have also waved to a number of babies and very seriously admired a little girl’s matching rainboots and raincoat. Why don’t those sorts of things come in adult sizes?

And with that, one week of placement is already finished! With some luck (and a lot of sleep), I will have a book review post written up by the end of the weekend to go public on Monday, and a Top Ten/and or TBR To-Go for Tuesday.


About sarscoff

Late 20's, Canadian, library technician, wife, dog mama, reader of all things written.
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