Placement, week two

I’m sorry I haven’t written any “proper” posts in some time – this past week I’ve been crazy sick with a cold! The bus ride to and from placement has allowed me to do quite a lot of reading though, which is nice.

I got the good news this weekend that both of my Ninja Swap parcels arrived safely in the UK! I am so happy they finally made it to their destinations!

The rest of this post is going to be some more spewing of highlights of my week at placement. This week I got to get involved in children’s programming, ride in a bookmobile, and get really well acquainted with the recycling bins.

– An older gent needed help with the self-checkout. I got it to work in one go and he joked that I must have done it to humiliate him. He said it with a smile, so I felt good about showing him how to do it.
– I got to put together Ready to Read backpacks. These are kid’s backpacks, each filled with 6 picture books. I had fun choosing books for each, and there was no pattern. Well, except for making sure each pack had at least one book with a dog. Also, I discovered that there are at least two books out there involving penguins playing sports. Sounds like a solid literary market to me!
– The branch I am working at has a monthly mother-daughter book club for girls around 8-12. This month’s book was Pippi Longstocking. We discussed Pippi’s personality and made crafts. It was lots of fun!
– There was a lot of discarding this week. I filled an entire 3-shelf bookcart with old magazines, pulled out old computer books (like how to use Myspace!), and put aside some books for reselling by the Friends of the Library. I’m sure someone will want to buy Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, and did you know Snoop Dogg wrote a book? He did, and if you trawl the Friends bookshops perhaps you will find it and it can be yours for a dollar!
– I spent Friday working with the “alternate services” department. I helped fill the kiosks, which are vending machines with library materials, and I helped do collection management in the bookmobile, which is a revamped bus. It was a huge blast and very cool experience!

Tomorrow begins my final week of placement. I’m looking forward to graduation but disappointed that placement will be ending. I’ve learned so much and have been enjoying every moment of it.


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Late 20's, Canadian, library technician, wife, dog mama, reader of all things written.
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