Booking Through Thursday, and general musings

This week’s post over on Booking Through Thursday asks the question,

What magazines do you subscribe to? Personal ones? Professional ones?

Or do you only/mostly pick up your periodicals at the newsstand?

How do you feel about digital editions versus print?

Do you save the old copies after you read them? Or promptly recycle them?

I currently subscribe to Maclean’s, which is a weekly newsmagazine very similar to Newsweek or Time, but with a Canadian focus. I have subscribed to others in the past, Chatelaine and Canadian Living. Now, I pick them up at my local bookshop or one of the newsstands in town. I’m also a big fan of Bookmarks, which is a book review magazine, as well as The Strand, which focuses on mysteries. I love the short stories in that one! I also occasionally find magazines on the top of other people’s recycling bins when I’m out with the dog. I won’t dig, but if they’re right on top…well, why not! If it’s a special edition or otherwise meaningful, I’ll keep the entire magazine, otherwise I recycle once I’ve pulled out any stories/recipes/etc that I want to keep. I haven’t got any opinions on digital vs print, as I haven’t read any magazines in digital form. I know my library offers them via an app called Zimio, but I like the luxury of sitting in the tub with a glossy magazine, so I’ve yet to try it out!

In other news, I decided that I really didn’t have enough to read, so I signed up for Netgalley! I’ve already been approved for two books. I’m reading the first one now, it’s called Bambi’s Jewish Roots and Other Essays on German-Jewish Culture by Paul Reitter. I’m only one essay in so I can’t make any comments yet, but I am excited to be reading a book that isn’t published yet.

Lastly, some only tangentially-bookish news – I saw Jurassic World last night. It was AMAZING. Truly, a five-dinosaur rating. This was me the whole time:

Jurassic Park Jello

and then at the end:

Jeff Goldblum There it is


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