Four Things Tag

I have a general update post planned for later this week, but for now, here is a fun tag that I got from Jenny over at Jenny in Neverland!

Four Jobs I’ve Had

1) Telephone surveyor. I don’t recommend it.
2) Amenuensis to my mother in law and my godmother in law
3) Library intern
4) Erm, babysitter? I haven’t had many jobs.

Black Books Keyboard

Four Things I Don’t Eat

1) Red meat
2) Shellfish/cephalopods
3) Eggplant
4) Oranges

Four Places I’ve Lived

1) Vancouver. Born there, lived there til I was 12.
2) Montreal. Lived there from 12 to 23.
3) Gatineau. Lived there from 23 to 25.
4) Ottawa. I’m hoping this is it for moving citites!

Four of My Favourite Foods

1) Okanagan brand soy cheese. It’s the only soy cheese I’ve ever encountered that melts like proper cheese and it tastes fantastic.
2) Plums. Oh god I could eat a bushel of them.
3) Raspberries.
4) A good simple veggie, chicken and udon stirfry. Nothing like it!

Yang No Food

Four Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once

1) The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I have watched them/the special features to the point that I can quote every single line, including a lot of the behind the scenes stuff.
2) Robin Hood: Men in Tights
3) Love, Actually
4) The Princess Bride

Four TV Shows I Watch

1) Masterchef
2) Game of Thrones (at this point, it’s more of a hatewatch!)
3) The Amazing Race
4) Law & Order/CSI sort of shows

Raccoon Popcorn

Four Things I’m Looking Forward To This Year

1) Seeing my sister, my niece, and my brother in August. They’re coming in from Vancouver and New Zealand!
2) Graduating – which is in 3 days!!
3) Hopefully getting a job!
4) Christmas. I always look forward to Christmas!

Excited Doctor

Four Things I Can’t Live Without

1) My husband and our pupdog.
2) My friends
3) Books!
4) My medications

IMAG0703Mollie, my babygirl!

Four Places I’ve Visited

1) NYC – though I was only there for 4 days, I’d love to go for longer!
2) Toronto
3) Edmonton
4) umm…Vermont. I haven’t travelled much. It’s something I hope to change asap!

Bilbo Adventure

Four Pet Peeves

1) People who moan about things they can change but then do nothing to change them 2) People who feel the need to play devil’s advocate when I’m just trying to rant or let out some frustration. Just sit there and listen!
3) People who respond to “that is racist/sexist/etc” with “it’s just a joke!”. It’s not funny, it’s racist/sexist/etc.
4) The new community paper delivery routes seem to have us on two separate routes, and we get two papers every week. Like, we get one, and then the second delivery person comes, SEES THAT WE HAVE ONE IN THE POSTBOX, and shoves in a second one. What the heck?!

Supernatural Uncomfortable

Four Things I Wish I Could Do

1) Wake up one day without mixed up brain chemistry.
2) Dance. Seriously, I have NO rhythm.
3) Not be so afraid of things.
4) Cartwheels.

Four Subjects I Studied at School

1) New Religious Movements
2) Library Technology
3) Medieval Christianity
4) World History

Four Things Near Me Right Now

1) Some hand weights
2) My water bottle
3) A mug holding pens and random other things.
4) Hand cream.

Feel free to do this tag, and let me know so I can go see your answers!


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Late 20's, Canadian, library technician, wife, dog mama, reader of all things written.
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