Booking Through Thursday, and Ninja Swap

Today I bring offerings of two posts in one!

First up, today’s BTT post:


How do you store your books? On bookcases? In piles? In piles on bookcases? Are they sorted? Do you know where everything is? What’s the most creative storage you’ve seen or used for your books?

Bookcases, absolutely. I like to know where all my books are at all times! I have them sorted into categories – my fiction is divided the way it would be in a library – childrens, YA, mystery, fantasy/sci-fi, and then general fic, and it’s all alphabetical by author. Non-fiction is currently also alphabetical by author, though I prefer having it done by Dewey, but it’s hard to maintain. My TBR bookcase is also alphabetical by author. I like alphabetical! I also have two other bookcases with my book collections – my Nancy Drews, my Harry Potters, my Clive Cusslers, etc. The most creative storage I’ve personally used was colour-coding, which looked really cool, but I could never find anything!

There was a big surprise in the post this week – we have a fairly sizeable mailbox so when the mailman rang the bell on Tuesday, there was much excitement! This is what I found when I opened the box.


Can we discuss that wrapping paper? So cute! And Tootsie Pops! I’d never had one, so of course I had to try one immediately. Yum!

This whole package came to be from Kirstin in Washington, DC, as part of the Mini Summer Swap coordinated by the Ninjas over at Ninja Book Swap. When I unwrapped the books, I found two GORGEOUS hardcovers that I’ve been wanting to read for a long time.


Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell has been on my radar for a couple of years now, and I know I’m going to love it. I can’t remember when I first heard about The Wonderful O by James Thurber, but my library doesn’t have a copy of it, so seeing this was super amazing – no more having to hope I’ll come across it in a thrift shop!

In other news, Ottawa is dealing with a mega heatwave and I’m a sweaty, humid, miserable ball of humanity as a result. Naturally, this means curling up in front of a fan, with a good book!


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