Booking Through Thursday – Multiples

This week on Booking Through Thursday, Deb asks about multiple copies of books.

Do you own multiple copies of any books? Why? Is it the format? Size? Just because you love it?

Do I ever!


I currently have 10 copies of The Hobbit. As you can see, they are all different – and that’s why I have them! It began last summer when I found a vintage copy with a really cool 70’s-ish cover, and then I figured, well, I love the book so much, why not? I’ve found all of these at second hand shops except for the third from the left, which was the copy I started out with. I love the variety in cover art. The furthest on the left is actually full of art from the Rankin/Bass animated version!

I will probably continue to collect Hobbits as long as there continue to be so many beautiful editions out there!


About sarscoff

Late 20's, Canadian, library technician, wife, dog mama, reader of all things written.
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2 Responses to Booking Through Thursday – Multiples

  1. DawnTreader says:

    I have No 4 from the left 🙂
    Here’s my multiples post:


  2. Kwizgiver says:

    What a cool collection!


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