Purging unread books

The weather is unseasonably mild and rainy, so my brain has put itself firmly in the mindset of “it’s spring! it’s time to spring clean!”.

I’d been wanting to go through my unread library anyhow, so this weekend seemed like the right time. I started last night and just finished – and I’m quite happy with my results! I began with one rather messy BILLY bookcase and have ended with the same bookcase looking much neater. It’s been relieved of the weight of some 45 books – every one of them books I fully intended to read at one time.


I realise it can seem daunting to get rid of books without reading them – who knows what joys you could be missing?! I get that, I really do! I approached this the same way I approached my recent clothing purge, with a sort of abridged KonMari method. Shelf by shelf, I pulled every book down and held it in my hands. I read the back of the book, I turned to a random page and read it to see if it made me want to keep reading. A lot of them very nearly sucked me in and distracted me from the goal at hand! Some of them didn’t, though. I also read Goodreads reviews to see if any of the books had big issues that I prefer to avoid. For example, one book I had picked up because it featured a dog? Turns out animal cruelty via scientific experimentation is a primary subject. No thank you!


Much like when I finished with my clothing purge, I now feel like when I look at my bookcase, I will see only books that I am excited to read. And who knows, maybe now I will have an easier time choosing something to read! (Yeah, right!)


About sarscoff

Late 20's, Canadian, library technician, wife, dog mama, reader of all things written.
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